What can we do for you?

C.M.I. is dedicated to offering our clients a well-rounded suite of services focused on improving operations and profitability. We accomplish this by listening to our clients, operators and their guests. We believe that any business can be improved, and strive to make this a reality every day. .

Customized Services
Based on Specific Needs


When we say research, we don’t mean research about the industry in general. While there are many esteemed management, marketing, product develpment and brand consultancies in the world, our experience and concentrated, specialized competencies in every aspect of global food and beverage are what makes us different. We make that knowledge available to our clients and apply it specifically in unique situations. We analyze every functional area of the business, going through it with a fine-tooth comb. With this research, we can identify opportunities and understand trends. We’re firm believers that what is happening now is not what is happening next.


Many restaurant and hospitality businesses make the hearty mistake of not investing in proper operational development, thinking it will be an easy way to save money. In reality, though, this misconception leads to significantly higher costs in the longer term. The average cost of training a line-level employee is $1,500. This cost is buried, hidden in underdeveloped process, procedure and guest expectations, and not broken out as its own P&L line item; if it were, this missed investment would be far more difficult to ignore. If you developed any department in your operation to its full potential, it could produce huge returns to your bottom line.

Food & Beverage

Our firm brings a truly unique and unrivaled body of experience to the hotel food and beverage industry. Hotel F&B projects require an approach that is both strategic and tactical — building on our experience with clients throughout the globe, we provide an understanding of what’s required for a regional launch or global initiative.


We can all agree that restaurant branding matters. Everything communicates, whether by design or default. All the little experiences define the whole from every touch-point. Conceptualizing and realizing a top-tier dining experience requires more than putting together a tasty menu. You have to entice customers with a purpose and promise and to deliver on that promise. Wow guests with your restaurant’s particular panache.